Thank you, UK: I’m joining the gang at Destination Star Trek — Birmingham


At LAST I can talk about it!  (See schedule UPDATE below)

As announced by Showmasters/DST,  I will indeed be back across the pond with all our UK Treklanders for Destination Star Trek— and my first time in Birmingham!



9-11 pm, Hilton Metropole Bar:  DST version of The Landing Party , hosting this team trivia and prizes, just as we do it at STLV. After Portal and Roddenberry Network, it’s co-sponsored by The Trekkie Girls and others.


Tabling and mixing!


3-4:30, Hilton Bar: A special “Portal 47 Meetup” info hour with door prizes, celeb guests, sign-up drawings

5:30-9 — “What You Left Behind” DS9 documentary red carpet and WORLD premiere

10-11:30 pm , Hilton Room TBA — Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder party for The Con of Wrath: £15 (or $20 US) gets you a screen credit, plus access to this show live of rare Trek video, celebs from the doc, and prize trivia! And STILL out in time to party!


2:15-3:15, Excelsior Stage: A live remote recording on trekfm podcast Primitive Cultures with host Duncan Barrett.

6:30? pm, Metropole Bar? —  Tentative: A reprise of the “Portal 47 Meetup”, pending

Check out this unofficial but easy-to-read DST schedule of all events in PDF format, assembled by our fan group friends.


Many thanks to Mark and Jason for having me again, the second time after 2014 in London (four years?) …and a big shoutout to all the fans who have been asking all year (and making sure I was cool with that).   It was gratifying and a little startling!  I guess I can blame Trekland Tuesdays LIVE ‘s big Brit audience for part of that, along with a lot of our deep-divin’ “Portales” colony on the Isles, too.

In fact, this means—for the first time in three years—we can have a suitable “LiveDive” Portal 47 meetup for all our new members who are on site at DST.  And if you;re not familiar, I’ll have a Portal “Brief Up” event to spread the word further  … as well as  a “Dr. Trek Show” crowd-funder to offer one last way for donors to support The Con of Wrath doc, live on the ground there.

But so much to do!  I’m looking forward to not only helping join in on the red-carpet world premiere of Ira’s What They Left Behind DS9 documentary, but celebrating the new updated Stellar Cartography, too— just a week after release, and we’ll have copies!

There’s also all the news to share about the 2020 Geek Nation Tours‘ #LA2Vegas film site tour … and my own new Trekland Treks day tours and events, too.


We are even overdue to mark a belated 20th anniversary of my “A Fistful of Data” column in the official Star Trek Magazine on its home turf, in cahoots with Titan  and my editor Nick Jones, finally.


I have plans afoot to share The Trek Files podcast in a new way live, while I have the chance “over there”, too. Are you a Trekofile —with an “f”?

Here’s my own schedule— you can get an unofficial And of course follow DST Birmingham on Facebook for more updates, too.

Til then — I truly cannot wait to Trek well with you all in Birmingham !


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  1. Hi Larry,
    Love your Stellar Cartigraphy book! I will bring my copy to Gallifrey One in February to have you sign it!

    Also, wanted to ask your advice or if you have a suggestion, how I would proceed to be a veterinary medical consultant on any of the Star Trek TV series or movies. I have been a veterinarian for 38 years, and a Star Trek fan for 52 years!

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