In L.A. with
an extra day before


Join us for

a tour of iconic

Trek film locations,

chosen just for you!

Led by Dr. Trek,
Larry Nemecek

You're in L.A. for
ST: The Cruise VI —
why not pack in
even more memories?
Beam in for this real-life
'landing party' to those
Star Trek backgrounds
you know so well!
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Four stops, plus lunch — for an unforgettable 6 hours of living Trek memories!

  • More Than a Tour!

    Get the filming details, clips and context
    at each stop of your  tour
    right from Dr. Trek,
    your personal guide all day long.

    Bring your uniforms and props
    for cosplay photo selfies at these real-life backdrops you’ll always treasure!

    (I'll help lend a hand with that, too)


    *"Gorn fight" planet
    (and 5 others!)

    * "Roman" Planet 892-IV
    (and 17 others!)

    *Miramanee's lake

    * Starfleet Academy
    (24th Century/Prime)

  • Trek On a Budget

    Piggyback your Treks adventure while you're in "SoCal" as part of your beam-in the day before or after The Cruise for 2023.
    (Of course, anyone is welcome to join up either day— cruise ticket or not)

    This special group edition offers just as many memories and fun as our more customized Trekland Treks, but at less cost.

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(Origin/return point for the bus will be based on route efficiency, and likely at a Hollywood-centric landmark such as the Hollywood Roosevelt.)

Larry gives you plenty of scene-setting, visual reminders, context and trivia at each stop to bring alive Trek’s 57 years of  history and canon, as well as Hollywood's larger film heritage.

'L.A. Away Days' takes care of the choices and details… while you meet even more like-minded fellow Trek fans in our growing community! And your future cruisemates!

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THEN.....Next L.A. trip — plan your own Treks  from 50 choices,

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“It was my first visit to L.A. and I wanted to get the best Star Trek experience, so who better to look after my group than the one and only Larry Nemecek, Dr. Trek
? Larry was a fantastic host with great knowledge and passion for Star Trek. We all had a wonderful day and 
will be booking another tour with Larry on our next visit!”
—LLAP, Chris J. from Dublin, Ireland

Larry Nemecek ... longtime “Trekland” consultant, archivist, producer ... host of The Trek Files and Trekland Tuesdays LIVE ...  author of The Next Generation Companion and Star Trek Stellar Cartography ... and chief deep-diver of ...

is thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind kick-off to your West Coast cruise adventure:


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