Save the date: 8th anniversary guest for Portal 47 Open House fun is Nov. 15



Eight years of Portal 47 !
And once again we’ll celebrate by opening the Portal to everyone —virtually, of course — with a special guest, a mini “Ask Dr. Trek” Roundtable, and a slew of  new Star Trek blu-rays and books giveaways.

Save the date now — we”ll announce the  guest soon, and you can claim your  free “ticket” to get in on the door-prize gifts. And a chance to send questions for our anniversary guest.

Over those eight years, it’s been good to see virtual fandom catch up with what Portal 47 began with way back in 2015.  And while it’s gone from an unknown to a post-pandemic mainstay, and it’s been good to see a few showrunners actually join actors out there….

Portal 47 is still your backstage pass to more in-depth Trek, the monthly all-eras Trek backstage guests and their work are still unparalleled anywhere.

And for Open House, the 2023 annual guest free to all will be joining past anniversary guests Mike McMahan, Ira Steven Behr, Mike Westmore, David Livingston, Robert Hewitt Wolfe,  Rene Echevarria, David Carson — and even “The Cage” 1964 director Bob Butler!

Get your “ticket” for doorprizes… and how to submit questions … here.


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