From blogs to Facebook LIVE—are you catching my comments every Tuesday?

You may have noticed a lot fewer blog posts here recently—but no, I’m hardly giving it up.

The blog is still a good way to keep you up on what Star Trek projects I’m doing or where I’ll be… even though other events do get intrusive, and distractions pull me away.

But to fight that time crunch more efficiently and still “get it off my chest” more quickly … in our best Trekland style way of looking at things and maybe patching up some hot issues …. I hope you’ve been following along my brief  “Trekland Tuesdays LIVE” comments every week at 1 pm Pacific (4 pm Eastern/9 pm UK time), for starters. That link takes you, quite simply, to my basic, easily-accessed Trek page on Facebook.

I’d call it my new series, but I’m about to go live today with my 16th one so far—each one with a theme, and increasingly based around my reaction to what’s been going on in the lead-up to Discovery—or fandom’s seeming reaction to it. (Or is it?) Or just a note on Trek fandom and culture itself—maybe even sharing from my life that week.

And now, for each month’s Third Tuesdays LIVE week— I’ll have a cool 24-hour special offer for joining Portal 47, my “mini-con all year long.”  Only viewers that day and just after can get it!

You’ll note, as in the moment above, that we embrace the guerilla yet again and keep it pretty simple— and yet with a bit of a twinkle.

Now if you can’t make it at that time, relax: All the shows are archived right on Facebook— right here. Of course, these babies may be so topical that in a few months, much less years, they’ll be hopelessly dated— but you never know! Some are classics. Go look!

Yes, I’ll still be doing my “Switching to Visual” vidchats with Trek pros and fans alike here (and also stored on my YouTube channel) … I’ll still be appearing on podcasts (and even hosting my own, finally— stay tuned!) … and even keeping up blog posts and news stories.

But TTL might just make it easier for me to sound off and you to soak it up — a welcome turn in these hectic 24/7 days as the pace of Trek news and info has certainly picked up, with a series finally back on the air.

“Tune in” with me, won’t you—and leave a comment!  Either live, or soon after: I’m a one-man band and might miss it while talking, but  I’ll check later and do a mailbag reply once the comments pile up enough. And who knows — I might use your query in my “dead tree media” column in the official Star Trek magazine from Titan.

Even though that is not live on the Intertubes.  But it still “gets the eyeballs.”





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