Ever dreamed of visiting some of Star Trek’s iconic or even hidden film sites from over its 55+ years?

Now — they can COME TO LIFE in your own guided day tour!

Plan Your Trek Now

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Or, Prefer to Call?

Join “Dr. Trek” for a custom-made Trekland Trek !

Solo, carload or vanfull — it's a one-of-a-kind Federation foray or alien adventure in real life ... at the real locations!

  • You Live It

    Explore four classic locales a day from your favorite episodes and films. Pose in uniform for photo ops you'll always treasure!

  • You Select It

    Choose your own custom itinerary from a menu of OVER 40 sites, with Larry's help — or ask about seeing others. Lunch included!

  • You Hear It

    Get the Trek filming details, history, clips and context at each stop of your  tour right from Dr. Trek, your personal guide all day long

  • You Set It

    Perfect for a day of your L.A. vacation, a business trip add-on— or fly in for one of our scheduled Trekland combo special events.

    Contact Larry directly to discuss available dates, the sites you want to visit, pricing and details.

    Interested in a flagship-level Latinum Landing Party L.A. exclusive Trek experience? Use this blue button, too.        OR, if you'd prefer to talk live first, get on my calendar.

    “It was my first visit to L.A. and I wanted to get the best Star Trek experience, so who better to look after my group than the one and only Larry Nemecek, Dr. Trek
? Larry was a fantastic host with great knowledge and passion for Star Trek. We all had a wonderful day and 
will be booking another tour with Larry on our next visit!”

    —LLAP, Chris J. from Dublin, Ireland

    Larry Nemecek ... longtime “Trekland” consultant, archivist, producer ... host of The Trek Files and Trekland Tuesdays LIVE ...  author of The Next Generation Companion and Star Trek Stellar Cartography ... and chief deep-diver of PORTAL47.net ... is thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind fan experience:


    Stay in orbit


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