STV: Mike Westmore on his aliens *and* classic Hollywood on exhibit, Part 3

Such a great visit and personal tour that Star Trek makeup icon Mike Westmore gave us at his career retrospective at his alma mater that it took up three online visits! (See below the fold)

But yes, even as the “Lifeforms” exhibit wraps April 30 at UC-Santa Barbara’s Art Design & Architecture Museum on campus, these online visits will live on. And here in our final segment Mike wraps up his “eyes, ears and noses” tour of Trek alien designs—before plunging into his classic Hollywood work that won him an Oscar for Masks.

Check out his memories and mementos of working with then-unknown Sylvester Stallone on the low-budget original Rocky, and then Robert de Niro on Raging Bull as well as Masks.

We also get a glimpse of his new memoir Makeup Man from Lyons Press, with a noon April 22 signing at the museum—just the first of many signings to come this year at several venues and events, including Creation’s #STLV Vegas Khaaann.

My thanks again to Mike and Marion Westmore for allowing us this personally guided backstage glimpse of the exhibits. Thing is, this is just one version: Any one visit with Mike and these exhibits will spark a zillion different stories each time! Go if you can.

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