QUICK TAKES on that new Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 sneak peek trailer

Are you breathing a little easier yet? With filming into a second week in Toronto, a new BTS Discovery Season 2 peek dropped today (see it here, below the fold).

Yes, you see new sets being built (the two-story Klingon monstrosity is gone to salvaged “fold and hold,” so there’s gobs of new room for new Starfleet sets — mainstream, or otherwise. Can’t tell by shape or floorplans… but yes, that was a set plan sheet tabbed Section 31 “BridgeLab” in there.

Not to mention audio clips of Jeff Hunter’s Pike and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. And that SMG kid, too.

But here’s your big takeaways, as hinted-at/promised from showrunners Aaron Harberts, Grethen J. Berg and others (and yes, that’s EP Alex Kurtzman calling action):

A Rigellian? A Saurian? Or one of your various Animated Series reptilloids?

GOLD SHIRT (yes, with captain’s rank and seams…. from a time three years after “The Cage” and, what, eight years before “Where No Man…”) … because Anson Mount has to wear SOMETHING …

FEMALE UNIFORMS … red, hmmm… because Tig Notarro‘s Hiawatha Chief Engineer Reno has to wear something ….(what class IS the Hiawatha, anyway?) . So tan must’ve been a short-term 2265 experiment, right?

… adorned by an insignia badge with … NO SPLIT.

And, yes, Burnham on the BIG E, per the label on that doorside portal (*sigh*) …. but I’m gonna make YOU click for a clue on the rest of that number, and then sit back and listen to you giggle in a different font.

But who do you think is wearing that BLUE uniform?   Keep dreamin’.

Nice job, Team Disco. Calming the natives a bit AND delivering your promises… as I knew would happen once fate handed you a CLEAN SLATE to start with— not to mention a calm one.

Season 2 Discovery will make or break things. Can’t wait.

And you can bet we’ll be dot-connecting all along in Trekland HQ and right outta Portal 47, eight ways every month.  My P47 Open House with Trek makeup legend Mike Westmore is May 16 — virtual, free and global: grab your “seat” today!

Meanwhile… here’s the whole shebang from CBS today:

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