LA ALERT: Star Trek Continues’ finale sneak peek and cast/crew panel Sunday

SoCal Treklanders, I almost forgot to let you know: This weekend is Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con (formerly Comikazee) downtown, already in progress!

I won’t be paneling or guesting per se, but I will be there at 3 pm Sunday to be a part of history with my peeps:

A sneak peek and panel for the FINAL episode of a great adventure, Star Trek Continues:  “To Boldly Go, Part II.”

The ENTIRE CAST (save Steven Dengler) and much of the West Coast crew will be on hand for a rare con reunion as the 11th and final episode is about ready to hit the webwaves and, per fearless leader Vic Mignogna’s original goal, finally gives the original series a real, worthy finale … and sets up the landscape of The Motion Picture “two years” later. Part I has been up for over a week now and is giving you a taste of what’s in store.

We’ll be in Room 411 of the LA Convention Center, con HQ. After the 3 pm panel, there’s free posters you can have autographed in what will just about be the last time this much of the cast and crew are together under the STC banner.

If you find me, I’m happy to talk Trek, Discovery, The Con of Wrath, or anything on the fly when not otherwise “engaged.” In fact, I’ll even extend our Portal 47 anniversary sign-up special one more day to anyone who hits me up Sunday live! (I do have a LiveDive at some point with our LA-based Portal 47ers who make it.)

Here at Trekland, I’ll be posting some personal thoughts on my own Star Trek Continues journey here as this adventure wraps up after, golly, nearly five years for me.

Look for some STC vidchats here on STV YouTube too, with finale guest stars Amy Rydell (Charvanek), the daughter of role originator Joanne Linville!, Mark Meers (Tal), and the regulars on cast and crew at this proud but bittersweet time. I have SO MUCH VIDEO from our five-year odyssey to edit and post, still.

Meanwhile, you can still get tickets for this weekend, or Sunday at least, and join us. There’s a whole day of con activity going too, of course. Here’s the Facebook, too.

In fact, if you’re there Saturday, here’s more fun Trek at 1:45 pm in Concourse 151: Make sure to catch a live and on-the-spot original con-based performance by The Improvised Generation, the TNG-era genre improve group based at ImproTheatre and back for Season 4 early next year. I’ve been pleased to co-host both an historic live interview and thje bi-weekly Discovery view parties with them (and others) there.


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