Kurtzman showruns Discovery for now—with a CBS deal that includes NEW Trek

Of COURSE this news breaks as I am packing for SoonerCon, and doing a Portal 47 guest show on the road… but I have a word or two (below).

But between last week’s showrunner firing on Discovery and Alex Kurtzman’s new deal in takign solo control of DSC, with sources running amok with unconfirmed but plentiful stories about new Trek already being developed … some (like Nick Meyers’ Khan miniseries) we already had a clue about … maybe 5 new proejctes rumored so far, in all ? ….

It looks like the suits have finally woke up to the fact that Trek’s universe is SO RIPE for supporting a Wars-style multi-series … in fact, it’s much better grounded.

Picard? Animation? The Starfleet Academy 90210 at last? 

But whatever you think about Kurtzman or these rumored projects …

Take a reality check on the long road still ahead:

Five hours after the Kurtzman story on @THR broke, with all these multiple levels of discussion and curiosity, and it is NOWHERE on the THR homepage.  It rotates in and out of Variety’s.

Meanwhile, here’s my first take on Trekland Tuesdays LIVE on my Trekland Facebook, just a couple hours after it all broke.  Blame Zuckerberg for the wonky unfixable camera. (Please give us another chance—in 57 weeks, this is the first 90-degree camera snafu!)


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