Goin’ home: The Trekland train is pullin’ into OKC’s SoonerCon station June 22-24

If it’s June, as I have been lucky enough to be honored, it must be time for my annual trek back  “home-home” to OKC and the ever-growin’ SoonerCon 27, con of my birth and site of my hosting-guesting roots.  (Including my emcee of the 3rd annual  “SoonerCon@Midnight: Worst Book Ever” author-audience spectacle!)

Plus: this year, a good ol’ Portal 47 room party! Right on room party row.

If you’re in the region, I can’t recommend it highly enough. What a ‘malgamation of fun stuff! From traditional lit-con panels, demos and gaming to new-wave indie film, edgy cosplay and digi this-n-that, SoonerCon made the pivot from old-school to cool-school , but as always it’s a fan-run con-with-a-charity (this year, Positive Tomorrows: serving homeless children in the metro, from birth to 8th grade).

And it continues to grow—SoonerCon is now formally organized as an event of the Future Society of Central Oklahoma (FSCOK), which just achieved 501(c)3 status as an IRS non-profit. But never too much too big, so that it loses the homey feel. Here’s the SCon Facebook page.

Still, after its restart, I realized years ago I was missing out by only seeing SCon as a reunion of old friends. So I got to start meeting the up-and-coming media folk and new-wave fandom — including our next-gen Treksters I never knew Back in the Old Days.

And now with Discovery finally out and making its impact, both Trek-wise and tech-wise, I can’t wait to sample the local waters with my DFF* and “Disco Was My First [Trek]” yearlong hunt. (Maybe we’ll even make a few new ones by the time the weekend is done.)  Or to see if there’s really more podcast listeners than makers in the region (there’s plenty of the latter excelling, I can assure you).

So, GO at these retro rates: It’s only $50 for the weekend (cheaper now than at the door—from 10 am daily to evening events F/Sat), one day is $25/30,  those 12 and under are free with paid adult, and active-duty military get either Friday free or a 3-day weekend membership for the one-day rate.

But attention, Outside World: I may be doing some wacky Facebook Live shoots throughout the weekend at fun times, or even over on Instagram. And Trekland Tuesdays LIVE the Tuesday after will for sure becoming to you (at 3 pm Central!) from Somewhere On The Road. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I always let my homies work me over, so … here’s my huge schedule:

(Tabling 12-1, 2-4, 5-6)

1 pm — Audio-screening of  “The Haunted Hills,” newest episode in buddy Neal and Jana Hallford‘s Uncharted Regions audio series starring Gigi Edgely (with me as the Deputy!) Neal, also DP of The Con of Wrath, is a Tulsa-area Okie and OU grad who shares my Starbase OKC roots too and makes this a home-trek as well.

4 pm — Annual Trekland Between the Cracks Show: What’s up in Trek and in Trekland

6 pm  — Opening Ceremonies (everybody!)
7 pm — Friends of SoonerCon Reception (with main guests, for those supporters)

9:30 pm — SoonerCon @Midnight: Worst Book Ever (3rd Annual!):  In the hotel bar, authors battle to lay on their best purple prose by audience vote for the title and plot for the “Worst Book Ever”!

(Tabling 11 – 1, 2-3, and 4-6)
10 am — State of the Trek Forum: “Disco Was My First Trek” — YOU talk… in a safe space … as my hunt for the elusive DFFs continues (Disco Fans First).
1 pm — The Portal 47 Brief-Up: It’s a briefing, it’s a meet-up — it’s both!  Learn how to get exclusive Trek insights and voices  from the Portal and its deep-diver community

3 pm (actual panel) — How to Win Listeners and Influence the Internet: “Podcasters (six of us) as they talk all things geek podcasting.”

8 pm — Portal 47 Room Party!   Co-hosted by Charter P47’er Jesse Oquendo.
10 pm — Dr. Trek Show Crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath documentary: Never say die—we’re still in post-production, so your $20 donation for a screen credit and a shot at prize trivia and cool rare video clips is still helpful!

(Tabling noon-2, 3-4)

11 am — (actual panel) TWO Treks on TV!—Discovery and Orville: “Love one or both, here’s to double “Wagon Trains in Space”!” with six talking heads on panel.

2 pm — Real Enterprise in Space: How You Can Get Aboard  — The latest on the evolving non-profit orbiter for student projects worldwide, including exciting education updates, contests, and aerospace partners. With guests from Oklahoma Space Alliance, local chapter of sponsoring National Space Alliance.

4 pm — Closing ceremonies (everybody!)





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