Hard-media holdouts, your wait is over: ‘Discovery’ Season 1 coming Nov. 13

Through the summer and fall, Treklanders on my news list twice reported back on a survey about their thoughts on Discovery and CBS All Access subbing — and around 16-20% consistently said they’d just wait to take their first look by picking up the whole season on DVD or Blu-ray hard media.

Well,  “20%” — here’s your chance.

In case you missed it: the complete 15-episode set plus over 2 hours of background features will be out Tuesday, Nov. 13— and you can still order at pre-order low rates ( @ $30 DVD and $36 Blu) at this Amazon link.

Once again, historic Star Trek fan expectations run smack right up against the reality of 2018 media — and CBS has gone the long way around to gather a ton of documentary material for these 10— count’em, 10! — different featurettes. Anyone who kept up with After Trek or the various official social channels could see how much film work and interviewing CBS was doing for the archives— and here we go with the first dose.

The DSC designers and departments for costumes, production design, props, makeup, visual effects, food styling,  music, and the launch & casting all get a mini-doc— as well as a recap of the season, of course, and a special look at the woman-centric nature of cast, characters and creators alike.

PLUS deleted and extended scenes.

Between these features for gimmes and gifts alike … and the Short Treks once a month … much less the looming #PicardShow and Lower Decks animation… plus the Georgiou/Section 31 series (apparently a badly-kept secret) as well… it should be no problem keeping everyone buzzing until the Season 2 premiere of Discovery Jan. 17.

BTW:  The Blu-rays, via English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, can also be played in German, French, Italian, Castilian, and Japanese 5.1 (Dolby Digital).  AND your subtitles run in English SDH, Italian, German, French, Castilian, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese—and the Netflix-commissioned Klingon! (Authored by Klingon academic speaker Livan Litauer, who also completed the much improved Klingonese translations for that native map in the updated Stellar Cartography!)

The DVDs come in English 5.1, with French Stereo also available. Your subtitle choices are English SDH, French, Brazilian Portuguese and, yes, Klingon too!


Again: That early price is still good at the Amazon link!

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