Catch 3 Trekland LIVE events at virtual-again Penguicon Saturday, April 24

Three— count’em three— are the ways you can catch some flavor of Trekland at the makers/scifi non-profit convention Penguicon out of greater Detroit, now in its second virtual edition and with me frozen in time once again as a Guest of Honor.

The con runs Thursday through Sunday with not just panels but social events and “Makers Mart,” all online and virtual as well. Check out the overall experience and how-to-join info main links here — which includes the nominal $10 minimum membership (or more if you want to help support) that is required to access my latter two panels at 1 and 3 pm PT— or any of the rest of the con and features, through Sunday. They use Sched and Discord as backup to explain, customize and community further.

Links for panels — such as my latter two — are released 10 minutes before panel time, for online virtual live security:

As for Dr. Trek, I’m all on SATURDAY—and some of this may look familiar:

10 am- noon PT— Life Support LIVE #54:   Yes, we just made this week’s Going Boldly through Uncertain Times, co-hosted by Dr. Ali Mattu and Dr. Trek, into a Penguicon event as well— but it plays over all the regular livestreams, take your pick. Theme of Ep. #54 is… PETS!   With LIVE CHAT at  YouTube  … Twitch …. or Facebook,  as always every week. (Facebook does not offer a combined 3-platform chat.)

1 pm  PT / 4 pm ET: “To Boldly Seek Discovery in the Expanse: The Voyage Continues” —SF series that continue the Star Trek legacy and what our ideal show might look like; with J.D. DeLuzio, Eric Choi, Derwin Mak and myself.

3 pm PT / 6 pm ET — “AMA With Dr. Trek”: Yes, an Ask Me Anything solo hour about anything you want to bring up — well, Trekkish, anyway. Bonus points for Sooners trivia or Will Rogers quotes.

WonderCon @Home was only last month—and here we are proceeding with Virtual Con Season II. Here’s hoping I do indeed finally get to meet these folks and this format in person!  Someday ….

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