VGR doc, Life Support sampler, fan voices: My WonderCon @Home v-panels

This time, they’re a little more planned and a little more polished:

But the COVID-cancelled 2021 edition of WonderCon — little brother to granddaddy San Diego Comic-Con— is back in virtual form March 26-27 (for starters).

And Dr. Trek is proud to be moderating/co-hosting and taking part in THREE fun, thought-provoking pre-recorded virtual Trek panels with many friends and colleagues, rolling out over that weekend.

All free and online, and posted for several weeks! Panel title links take you directly to the WC program calendar  features.
Stay tuned for pending live events in association with one or more of them:


4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET—Life Support LIVE: How Star Trek 2020 Can Help Us Boldly Go In 2021

With myself and my LSL co-host, Dr. Ali Mattu


5 pm PT/ 8 pm ET—The Voyager Documentary Is On The Way!

Moderator for the @VOYDocumentary team (now in IndieGoGo drive mode) and Garrett “Harry Kim” Wang

4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET—Star Trek Fandom Divisions: Is It Just the Generations Talkin’?
Are most if not all of our “divides” in Trek fandom really just generational issues— many of them innocent?

With myself and Kennedy Allen, Ryan Britt, John Champion, Aly Martinez


And hey— here’s a full list of Trek-related or Trek-populated WC@HOME panels!

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