BookAuthority: “Star Trek: Stellar Cartography” a Top 12 book for 2019!

I must say I was pretty proud to get this news just today—in the cartography division. Thank you,!

Although the first edition of Stellar Cartography was released in 2013 and the new UPDATED version with dozens of additions (and a few fixes!) came out last fall, I’m delighted that so many Trek fans, astronomy buffs, and fantasy map fanatics (yes, that’s a big hobby) continue to only just now discover it.

And please know I say “our” because, as much work as I put into this edition, the work is a beaut thanks to graphic artists Ali Ries and Ian Fullwood, and “Map 10” from none other than Geoff Mandel himself — who combined star databasing, canon Trek overlap, and the art design himself for his 2002 Star Trek Maps book.  All based off that basic sketch and “quadrant” workup Mike Okuda evolved way back for “The Price” in Season 3 TNG, and expanded upon by writers as well as Geoff onscreen during latter Voyager and then Enterprise.

But while most of you know me from “behind the scenes” interviewing, podcasting, companion books and Portal 47, making sense of Star Trek “astrography” and its true-science overlap was my first real Trek passion as a kid. So this is all like coming home again! But with a much bigger family this time.

The book/map set is pretty affordable too, now — why not pick up a copy and see what the fuss is about?!

And then, ICYMI— catch the video from my virtual-reality Roddenberry Theatre talk about all this a few weeks back.


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