Going going gone! Old Portal 47 rate ends midnight Sunday—and this bonus

UPDATE: This may sound like last month’s news …. but it truly goes away at midnight Sunday Jan. 6, public Treklanders. Happy new year!

(from prior post)

Most of fall, why not gift a membership, or jump in yourself,  to Portal 47—your mini-con all year long no matter where you center seat is (where no savvy fan has gone before !)
I have a “Last Chance Holi-deal” on beaming in to join our Portales global community before the basic rate goes up a smidge in 2109.
And you have a choice:
—Sign aboard the regular monthly PayPal subscriber system for the minimum 12 months and pick ONE of those out-of print On Speaker archival interviews editions!
—OR click on my soon-to-go away pay-in-full PayPal discount button—get all 12 months for the price of 11— and as a bonus, take ALL THREE of the out-of-print On Speaker editions, Vols. 1-2-3, in digital form (not yet available otherwise).

Either way, it’s your last chance to get either offer based off the old $27 monthly rate. And we’d love to have you deep-diving with us every month, live and/or in-person and getting files and recordings… and the wonderfully “savvy” and growing P47 community worldwide.

(The trial month at $47 is also an option, and you get credit for the month if you decide to stay — but hey, why waste time?)

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