Are you ready for a NEW FRONTIER in fandom?

Portal 47
Your Insider Access to More In‑Depth Trek
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Join “Dr. Trek,” Larry Nemecek, for a deeper dive into all things Trek

New to Trek and not sure where to start? Veteran fan tired of the same-o', same-o'? Get ready to engage on a whole new level... and go where no savvy fan has gone before!

Portal 47 is like a “mini con” all year long — with Larry and his 25+ front-line years in Trek as your personal guide!


Go where no savvy fan has gone before…

  • Unheard Stories

    Tales from the Trek trenches you've likely never heard before, with live access to Trek cast and crew

  • Exclusive Archives

    Download rare video, audio, documents, and images monthly from Larry’s own work and private archives

  • Private Meetups

    “Live Dives” in person whenever Larry is a con guest near you — plus a 24/7 exclusive Facebook community

  • Advance Access

    Early-access previews of content created for the TREKLAND blog, including upcoming vidchats and posts.

"Larry… Thank you so much for putting this out. It would be a sin to lose this. I recommend this to anyone interested in Trek!"
—Ronald B. Moore, Star Trek Visual Effects 1987-2005

For years I've wanted to find a way to share with Trek fans my front-row Star Trek experiences, archives and especially crew contacts... but in a whole new way. Books, magazines, even audio or podcasts all seemed so slow and limited.

So now, I'm thrilled to present an all-new doorway to the 24th Century… using the best in 21st century tools! A boutique beam-in backstage pass… for a deep-dive like no other:


It's like a mini-con all year long —beamed right to your own center seat! Wherever that may be.

My hope is to bring new context to your Trek, from facts and faces you didn't know existed... All from my unique 20+ years in Trekland.

Dammit Spock, can you tell I'm excited? It's just the thing to move on from the 50th anniversary!

* Wondering what that 47 means?  That's the first bit we'll jump into!

I thought I knew Trek! After one call with Larry I realized I don’t even know what I don’t know. Larry’s unmatched access and archives are a treasure trove of Trek… all the calls have been a blast!

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