2023: When two-faced is good 😄

Janus is that two-faced “looks ahead/looks back” legend that’s the symbol of New Year’s for everyone, right?

I wonder why he mostly only comes to mind for me… over Star Trek!? 😎

Especially this year. I echoed this theme in the last Trekland Tuesday LIVE before the holiday break:

How  2022 has been not just awesome but game-changing for Star Trek.

And now 2023 looks to be even more: That “TNG reunion” as Picard’s Season 3 kicks it all off Feb. 16.

It has folks salivating! And even Discovery, I hear, is turning in the “galaxy crisis” plot for a huge mystery quest instead, later in the year.
Now if only we could get the toymakers and other merch folks to crank it up, and get on the licensee bandwagon…

It’s personal

Most of all, I am so thankful I can indulge my own passions — the making of Star Trek, the universe-building of Star Trek, recording and sharing it all — with a fan audience of like-minded Trekpeeps — to the point I can run a business catering to them.
And that includes you!
I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our news and snap polls, and check in live or later with Tuesdays Trekland LIVE (we’re back Jan. 3).
Plus The Trek Files (and yes Cadet Alice!)
Maybe this is even the year you try a Portal 47 or Trekland Treks.?

I have to admit, a topper among 2022’s personal highlights was a big step up for me personally to offer the unique Gene Roddenberry Centennial Year Life Tour for several happy fans—and to fulfill one of Rod’s pandemic-delayed goals for his dad’s 100th birthday. Just to finally get live tours and events going again!
All just for a simple formula that animates everything in Trekland:
A fan’s passion, a creative’s drive, a journalist’s  craft, and a host’s empathy.
So thanks for reading, and flying with us. You have many options for your Star Trek deep-diving— I’m glad you keep choosing all things Trekland.
After the past couple years, I am SO ready for a warp-hot 2023 and everything shiny!
(Oh, and: I’ve also been putting more into video than posts here this past year, but we’ll see what we can do about that.
No dilithium crystal left unturned, eh?)

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