Yes! Can’t wait to finally hit NYC Trekdom as a guest at Big Apple Comic Con

Just can’t tell you how excited I am to finally visit Manhattan and all our Trek peeps there March 9-10—as a guest of Big Apple Comic-Con at Penn Plaza Pavillion, repping all things Trekland!

And hey — there’s still a whole range of ticket types available: click here. It is a broad-brush comic-con, of course, but this clambake has authors Peter David and David Gerrold, Brent “Data” Spiner, and a guy named William Shatner all in the guest line-up, too.

Aside from meeting new Trekfolk,  seeing my Portal 47 deep-divers or familiar faces from Trek Vegas finally on THEIR home turf … I’m excited for getting the chance at two hours of hosting both David and Brent on main stage.

PLUS I look forward to jumping in with all the great NYC-area Trek clubs and groups, finally! And maybe do a little business on the side, as well.

My thanks to Dan and the team for having me and supporting the Trekland way.

I’ll be at my own table most of the two days, including a prize drawing and a Portal 47 sign-up bonus—of course.
But over the two con days, here’s my main schedule:

3:30 pm, main stage — “David Gerrold: Tribbles and Sleestaks, Oh My!” — as moderator/host

4:20 pm,  main stage — “Brent Spiner:  Data Independence”— as moderator/host


12:45, 6th Floor Boardroom — The Portal 47  InfoMeet !  Wonder why deep-divers love how Portal 47 works ?  What the Trekland Treks are all about?
Come up for an hour of door prizes, treats, trivia, Portal members, and THE hottest join-up deal, with an Enterprise Blu-ray set and Trek books at stake as prizes!

I hope to have time for some extra-“con”icular activities as well. Stay tuned!


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