WonderCon THIS Saturday: Trekland’s podcast panel & Hot Takeaway meetup!

Are you headed to Anaheim and WonderCon this weekend?
(Yes, the photo here is from SDCC, but it fits…)

If so, hope you can make it by either Trekland shindig, back-to-back early Saturday evening:

—PANEL: My Trek SoCal podcasters’ panel is at 7-8 pm Saturday in Room 211—and audience Q&A is a big part. Here’s where you can click in, and/or the Facebook Event page.

The nominal title is “Fun, Fury and Fixes”— but the subtext for both the panel AND the audience is: “Did Something Just Change?” As in, the past year: for both the Trek stage (Discovery, et al) and Trek fandom (online, et al)…mostly for the better? There’s all ways we can flesh that idea out and work in more, too.

Of course, as I said on Trekland Tuesdays LIVE just this week (@ 16:45), I’m still in the hunt for DFFs (Discovery Fans First), who qualify for my select Facebook page sample, Disco Was My First (Trek).

And what a panel: I’ll be moderating but also taking part– along with Ken Ray (Mission Log: A Roddenberry Podcast, MacOSken), Alison “Kenna” Pitt (Priority One), plus trek.fm’s Aaron Harvey (Saturday Morning Trek, trekmovie.com), and, in a last-minute change from the early program text, we’ll have trekmovie.com founder Anthony Pascale (heard on their Shuttlepod show as well as Inglorious Treksperts).

—POST-PANEL MEETUP:  At 8:15 I’ll have door prizes and surprises–and most of all a Hot Takeaway (and a bar round! ) for anyone jumping on the Portal 47 or Trekland Treks Beam-In Bonus  I’ll reveal briefly at the panel. So come for my Trekland meetup at the adjoining hotel bar TBA just afterward (likely the Hilton).

Saturday also seems to be the big Star Trek day at WonderCon for a lot of reasons:  Mark Altman‘s 10 am Inglorious Treksperts recorded panel at 10 a.m., a CBS Discovery VFX panel at 3 pm, and DSC’s Booey Kim on the lineup for a Writer’s Room panel at 5:30 p.m.  For Friday goers, Chase Masterson’s Disco Nights podcast recorded session is at 2:30 pm, and her “SuperheroIRL” benfit panelists Sunday at 1:30 pm.



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