Whoa, no hangover here: It’s Trek Vegas time! Here’s my own slice(s) of #STLV

Yes, it’s Trek Vegas time baby — #STLV is here. Here FINALLY is my schedule and events —in many ways, it’s an evolving vibe for me! (Amd LONG!)

And to be honest, I’d been concerned about that “hangover” after last year’s Five-O Fever … but the past few weeks my spirits have way picked up because:

— WHAM, the big-time landing of even more Discovery actors and creatives—plus, the gallery seen at SDCC … and

—A program chock so full of both actors and creatives and sidebar Treklanders in settings large AND small that, even considering last year’s blowout 50th, I daresay may be the busiest and most diverse STLV ever. Kudos to Adam and Gary at @CreationEnt as well as Bill, John, Marian, Holly, Yasmine, and all the team at @startrek CBS for this three-stage, multi-room wowness.

As for me, for the first time I’ll be giving a public “sample telebriefing” of what we do in the Portal, on Friday: a P47 BriefUp! (Get it? Briefing + Meetup?) Surprise Trek guests! Prizes! Current deep-divers! Bonuses for sign-ups—incouding a chance at a complete TNG Blu-ray set!

Plus, I’ll be in the crowded program with TWO sessions of our annual no-frills Rapid Fire Trivia with prizes… and keeping posted hours in the vendors’ room at my own table AND some at the Roddenberry Podcast Network booth, thanks to hosting The Trek Files new weekly show coming this fall. (Specific table hours TBA)

Of course I’ll be co-hosting the trivia and games at The Landing Party VIII on “con eve” Tuesday night — and hosting my LAST Vegas “Dr. Trek Show” crowdfunder event for “The Con of Wrath” documentary, now in post.

But not only will our deep-diving Portal 47ers have our “Live Dive” meetup with a Trek guest ….  but also ANYONE offering a “BriefUp”  hour at the Rio to bring the Portal alive for LIVE anyone interested:  surprise past and future Trek guests, interviewed as we do it in Trekland—plus some current 47ers AND a prizes drawing with everyone who makes it in.

I’ll even have some  Trekland Trunk goodies on hand with me live, and we’ll even be with you inbound on Facebook  with Trekland Tuesdays LIVE #11  from somewhere along  I-15 with a wifi signal !

PLUS— Just keep an eye on my Trekland page in general: I plan to be hitting Facebook Live when you least expect it over the weekend!

I also believe you folks playing Jeff & Heather’s ShoreLeave podcast STLV Bingo may be hunting me down, too!

Now here’s how all of that plays out on a CALENDAR:

Hours TBA posted varying each day, Wednesday-Sunday: Photos, Trekland On Speaker CDs, ST Stellar Cartography copies, and a drawing for P47 and actual Trek prizes!  PLus some stints at Roddenberry Podcast Network TBA.  And JANET will be with me for a short time on SUNDAY.

TUESDAY — Con Eve!

9-11 pm, Masquerade Bar: the 8th annual LANDING PARTY trivia games hosted by Trekland’s Portal 47 and Roddenberry Podcasts (John Champion), co-sponsored by Trek Radio, Bye Bye Robot,  TrekMovie.com and Geek Nation Tours (#LA2Vegas)!

2:15 pm   Rapid Fire Trivia  I —De Kelley Theatre: As always—no fancy format, no trick questions and no numbers. Just get in line and see how you do! I’m gentle: we are all obe big happy fleet!

(Private event, but my Portales will be having our “LiveDive” at 6 p.m. — the biggest Portal 47 live meetup of the year, natch!)


4-5:30  pm — The Portal 47 BriefUp: Come hear what the Portal  and “savvy deep-dive fandom” is all about, sample a couple of surprise Trek guests in P47 telebriefing format, AND register for prize drawings— or join on the spot for bonus gifts AND a drawing for a TNG Complete Blu-ray Set to be awarded this night! Plus, you’re out in time for all the other incredible Friday-night Trek Vegas hoopla, on and off the grid. And even more.

9-11 pm —“Dr. Trek Show” Crowdfunder FINAL Vegas Edition, for “The Con of Wrath, ” my documentary: In my Masquerade Suite, Room TBA on Saturday by noon— stay tuned!

4:15  pm  Rapid Fire Trivia  II —De Kelley Theatre: More of the simple same! You, me, a line, the question, not scary, a prize potential!

…….And who knows what else, off-grid.

For the full Creation official grid schedule, click here to view and/or download a PDF.

The CBS-produced Star Trek events and people— actors, authors, show creatives, licensees!—are specifically detailed here.

And a good start on unofficial and/or “off campus” events are listed here by STLV After Hours on Facebook.



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