Whoa! Join us when Life Support LIVE turns *50* THIS Saturday, March 27

It was all borne of the lockdown, pandemic, and a cancelled WonderCon panel — but Life Support LIVE is still Boldy Going through uncertain times… with a great Lifers community who have joined us along the way, every Saturday live (and later, in archives!)

Each week, “Dr. Trek” here and Dr. Ali Mattu — “one of us is a real doctor!”— geek out on Star Trek through a mental health theme. (Or is that the other way round?)
In any case, we’ve tackled many topics and Trek moments in 49 episodes— even a watchalong or guest or two. But now…


—LSL #50 is an “AMA” — “Ask Me Anything”… about mental health and Trek, deep-diving Trek background, our own geek and fandom history… This week, it’s ALL on our viewers!
—We’ll have some surprises on future plans and goodies for Life Support LIVE, so be sure to check it out.

As always:
—Join in on our Twitch,  my YouTube (combined chat streams) and my Trekland Facebook (Facebook-source chat only).
—At 10 AM PT and 2 pm ET, but—per split US/Europe summer-hours— an hour earlier in Europe: 5 pm UK / 6 PM CET.

And if not already, please subscribe to the YouTube and Twitch … and join our community via LSL’s Facebook Group and brand-new Discord channel!

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