WHO is a Trekster at Gallifrey One in LA? Come say hi (I’m Friday only)

It’s Gallifrey One  “Who-athon” weekend once again in L.A. — the 30th annual!—and once again Shaun and his crew have been good enough to have me in as a guest.

“Whovians like other things too!” he always says… and there’s always a couple dozen or more at my Trek panels, yessiree.

Just note: This year, I’ll be onsite Friday only —due to my own L.A. Away Days of pre-planned Trek film site day tours (slots close today!).

The con is once again an old-school LAX Marriott sellout, so don’t expect to drop in for a one-day pass.

But if you are Galley-bound, come say hi Friday afternoon at my table by 3 pm, or this panel I’ll moderate:

Day of Trekkoning — 6-7 pm, Program Rm “E”:  I’m moderating a great panel on all the current State of the Trek— pro and fan!— that also includes my buddy and eOne Films writer-director James Kerwin,  Trek IDW comics artist JK Woodward, Den of Geek editor Kayti Burt, and writer-producer Melinda-Catherine Gross.  (Over 60 have “clicked in” at this link; you can too. Or at least get their early!)

The Galley dealers’ room closes at 7:00, so … no after-gaggle at the table.  I *will* have word about  a Portal 47 meetup at the hotel, for those interested!

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