Welcome to the world, Star Trek: Picard — It’s an exciting *and rare* day


Remember where you were today: Sept. 23, 2020. It’s history in Trekland. (Duh.)

Even if you are unable to see the Star Trek: Picard premiere today, or tomorrow in Prime Video land,  just be mindful that’s it’s not just the first chapter of a new Trek series, and yet another flavor of Gene Roddenberry’s universe.

It’s a rare thing.

Not counting the Trek films (those little two-hour blips, always of derivative content), a day like today that ushers in a whole new family and format of  Trek  is one we’ve seen now only EIGHT times in all of Recorded History:

—Sept. 24, 2017

— Sept. 26, 2001

—Jan. 16, 1995

— Week of Jan. 3, 1993

— Week of Sept. 28, 1987

—Sept. 8, 1973

—Sept. 8, 1966*


Only the eighth time in history. Remember that.

And You Were There.

In honor of the day, I want to share a personal souvenir from only the third-oldest date on that list—from another time where the fanbase audience was just as excited, and yet curiously trepidacious, of celebrating the arrival of a New Trek. Funny enough, that one had a bald-headed English actor in the lead, too.



Meanwhile, if you’re in the SoCal area, please join us for a free watch party Thursday night in Burbank hosted by the LA Away Team, co-sponsored by Portal 47 and Mission Log podcast with door prizes and trivia. Please click in here so we can head-count in advance!

Everybody else— check this Trekland Facebook post to find or list a watch party or screening event all weekend long in your area.

*yeah, yeah — Sept. 6 in Canada

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