Welcome to the NEW Trekland and larrynemecek.com!

Once upon a time, the world changed. Internets rose, Big Boxes fell.  “Get yourself a blog and your own website,” they said, “but there is no manual. It’s being written as we speak.”

And so the old larrynemecek.com website and HQ of all things “Trekland” was born on April 21, 2008.

Farewell: LN.com v1: 2008-2016

Farewell: LN.com v1: 2008-2016

It served well…it was a beaut in its day… but after eight years, it was getting creaky. The original webpages were not important anymore, the important pages had been self-service add-ons…

So, as much as I resist fadriding, it really was just time for an update. And one that worked with, you know, Mobile Devices.

Still, as always, I did not want another white-backed, airy, website-by-number look and feel: I wanted Trekland to retain a distinctive look, and have an echo of its origins.

So, welcome to Trekland, Version 2016!  Did this do the trick?

I can’t thank Parker Bennett and his new Aligned Online design/marketing shingle enough for going above and beyond, and for the overly personal touch in assembling everything. The emerging elements of Trekland—like PORTAL 47, On Speaker, and the rest—are now easy to find and access … cute but dated webbie bits are gone… and the TREKLAND blog is still front and center, along with a real LN.com store.

I trust everything is still easy to navigate (or even easier), and there’s still video to be added. But one note: The entire legacy run of TREKLAND posts, stories and vidchat set-ups from 2008-2016 is not fully converted here, although it will be slowly. For now, you can still scan and search for all prior posts at larrynemeck.blogspot.com —or use the handy link in this new page’s top right margin.

So, now, let’s get ON with it! Enough delay! I have a whole WordPress to learn.

And a beloved Future Fiction to share…

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