Trekland is BACK at FanX Salt Lake this weekend— and I can’t wait to plunge in!

After my fun detour last year post-Labor Day,  I’m looking forward to spreading some Treklandia again among the great Trek folks in Utah and Idaho at FanX Salt Lake this weekend (formerly SLCC), back in the great Salt Palace and environs downtown. Just remember: It’s the con that runs Thursday through Saturday.

More details coming, including my big booth location on the floor — but you’ll find me!
Meanwhile, we’ll be bringing a Portal 47/ Treks tours meetup special Friday evening, right after hosting my regular  State of the Trek Fan Forum for y’all , not me!

Plus,  I get to share a dais Thursday with John Eaves to recollect The Motion Picture on its 40th!

Then Saturday we have  an actual panel-discussion panel on Picard hopes and dreams.
Aside from all the wonderful bi-state Seventh Fleet chapters and their photo op booth, I’m looking forward to seeing podcast family, too.

And giving out my brand-new The Trek Filespodcast swag!

Here’s a quick reminder of all things Dr. Trek for the weekend — booth number TBA.  Anyone in blog range here gonna make it?

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