Trekland gift ideas with just days to go? Check these out—with bonus extras!

Who needs Cyber Monday? My new site just went online, but it’s still a few days til Christmas and there’s plenty of time to offer some help with a range of unique TREKLAND gift items for everybody like-minded on your list! And some bonus specials, too…

Hey, I know there’s been an incredible raft of great Trek items this 50th anniversary year … from books to toys and everything in-between. (And we’re about to talk about some of them here—stay tuned!).  But maybe you’ve got a certain Trekfan who has it all … or a newbie who’s wants to KNOW IT ALL RIGHT NOW … or even one across the miles who’s pretty isolated from fandom?  May I suggest:

For a stocking stuffer, I’ve barely talked about the special 50th anniversary 2016 edition of  TREKLAND: On Speaker—my remastered, theme-based audio chunks from my 500+ extended interviews with Trek’s actual creators, fresh from back in the day?


I JUST got to offer Volume 5 online,  “30 at 50”, as you may have just seen—where the anniversary cheer comes out of the 30th anniversary classics for the TOS era, VGR‘s “Flashback” and DS9‘s “…Tribble-ations.” I just talked about it here—and the multi-discount with Vols. 2-4 still on the shelf is in effect.

But now how about a mid-December yule special? Anyone who enjoys going backstage with me with On Speaker must enjoy all kinds of deep-diving, so: Mention this special bonus in your order and get a free backstage pass to the first PORTAL 47 telebriefing guest call of 2017, on Jan. 28!  Or buy two CDs in any combination, with the discount, and get a full month of  PORTAL deep-dive features—a $27 value! You can keep it or gift it—just let me know when your order. I can safely ship in time for the 24th arrival by orders placed by noon Dec. 19. (And yeah, smarty—CDs are easier to sign and notate than digital downloads).

And speak of the PORTAL 47 what about a holiday special there, too? For the cost of a movie for two each month, our “mini-con all year long”  just had its first anniversary—and there’s NOTHING like it in pop culture, much less Trek: a backstage bundle,  live and online to the 24th century with my insider memories, archives and fascinating but underheard crew creatives  from the 60s, 80s and 90s!

But NOW: Sign up to claim your 12-month boarding pass, billed monthly via Paypal, and get TWO extras:  a 13th bonus month of the package,  AND a free copy of the “On Speaker” Vol. 5 anniversary edition, “30 at 50” “Flashback”/”Tribble-ations” set visit CD. Let me know if you want it signed!

—Many of you know our bi-annual Geek Nation Tours’ “LA2Vegas”Trek Film Sites tour with me as guidday-trip-2-shot-logo-crope, ending up at Vegas Trek.  Upcoming 2017  is an off-year, but anyone STLV-bound can still get a taste of Trek touring know with our one-day Valley of Fire “Kirk Memorial” Adventure on con eve, Aug.1. It’s a great gift splurge for yourself, or someone else who’s Vegas-bound in early August!

eis-logo—And finally, another great stocking stuffer:  For anyone who cares about kids, education, and our future in space, don’t forget that a ticket to fly any name into space as “virtual crew” starts at only $20 at Enterprise In Space, the real-world, non-profit all-new space program aiming to orbit and return 100+ winning projects in 2021 from students around the world, plus new aerospace tech and computer demos—with a 3D printing competition going right now! It’s sponsored by the National Space Society and all pays homage to the best of inspired, future-leaning sci-fi and sci-fact—starting with Gene and his Trek. And it’s tax-deductible, for US folks.

Your giftee’s name is on a chip, verified with a certificate and viewable on tour afterward as proof of their flying aboard the first true Enterprise in space!  I’m proud to be spokesman and outreach for EIS, reminding you that while a dozen space industry partners have pledged $27 million-plus in in-kind donations, this simple grassroots crowdfunding across the globe is a major part as well.


There you go: For any Santa’s budget—a batch of totally out-of-the-box gift ideas that take one’s Trek fandom, and love of its vision for humanity, far off the retail path.

The two holiday bonus offers for “On Special” and for “Portal 47” are good through Monday, Dec. 26, but just know my US mailing deadline is Dec. 19 if that’s important to you. Just remember to mention BONUS when you order, in comments/notes!

As always, readers with a question about any of my own or partnered projects: just email me at


And if you need a copy of my classic TNG Companion or Star Trek: Stellar Cartography, I’ve got the links for that, too!

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