Trek Vegas #STLV gets bigger and funner —and here’s my deets, finally!

Whoosh! The big one in Trekland is back. Here’s a table of my own events — with a special off-grid shoutout to the T-Treks and Portal 47 special “Info-Dive” meetup on Saturday!

I have my Trekland table and new swag!  I’ll be at the Roddenberry Podcasts booth with new swag!  I’ll be on with fellow RPNers … and on main stage (late addition) with Mike Westmore for the Klingon makeup demo with Bob O’Reilly!

And of course YEAR 10 for what is now the “Landing Party”. And all the other stuff, faces, experiences to come. Mixing business with pleasure was never so … inspiring and forward-looking.

Then there’s all the new real Trek news sure to pile on to San Diego’s headlines. Will there be a Twitter meltdown like last year to equal the #Pi ard news then? Stay tuned! Wherever you are, once again, you’ll get the headlines from the excellent CBS in-house pormo coverage and all the Trek media here too.

And, I’ll wager, a few ” you are there” Live session on Facebook AND Instagram.

There— I warned you!

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