Trek Vegas and so much to share: Star maps, Portal, podcasts, NEW tours!

Wow! #STLV is here again — and beyond the 50th in 2016, and then Discovery’s sneak peek last year…the 2018 edition might just be the biggest ever ! At least for me, everything Trekland will be on display.

First of all, CBS has graciously got me back on stage to talk about the NEW Star Trek: Stellar Cartography map/book set updated for Discovery and dozens of classic Trek  stars/planets … twice … AND The Trek Files will join our sister shows on a special Roddenberry Podcast Network jumbo hour-long panel on Trek Fandom’s Power from 1967 to Today!

Not only that, but my friend and admired Star Trek makeup legend Michael Westmore has asked me to rescreen our filmed chat from his museum career retrospective, and then go live with our Vegas audience for Q&A.

And, of course, for the 11th year: my little half-hour of no-frills Rapid Fire Trivia with prizes!

And of course for the NINTH year: I co-sponsor the STLV Landing Party with trivia and prizes for all!

On the side, I’ll be offering an INFO-DIVE all about Portal 47 (at left) with door prizes, sign-up prizes, members and a special Trek guest … and Saturday night I’ll offer the annual Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder to benefit The Con of Wrath.

Most of all, through it all, I can’t wait to meet our newest Trek fans, and our #STLV rookies— maybe find a DFF or two!—and see what’s on their minds and thoughts these days… along with, of course,  all our familiar “veterans,” too.

For the first time, thanks to The Trek Files, I’ll be spending some booth time away from Outpost Trekland … over at the Roddenberry Podcast Network table of — so if you’re a “Trekofile with an ‘F’,” drop by! We many even be pulling off a secret “live” edition for a future TTF… so pay attention!

FINALLY — now follow me here — I’ll be flying solo …. Teras-less … to get people signed up for info about the next big and refreshed “LA2Vegas” Trek film site tour with Geek Nation Tours NEXT year, prior to Vegas …

… AND re-launching my own TREKLAND TREKS day tours around L.A. at your convenience, on your vacation — or on special dates coming up this fall, optionally bundled with a new TREKLAND LIVE show and a “Latinum Landing Party L.A” premium event.

Toss in a Trekland LIVE spot here and there as wi-fi allows, and

To be precise, here’s all of MY main events, on and off the grid. So many of my peeps have their own events I’d love to do a shout-out, but hey— this IS #STLV and the climax of all things Trek, pro and fan.

—9-11 pm, Masquerade Bar:  STLV Landing Party IX— I co-host with John Champion and Ken Ray of Mission Log podcast and all RPN shows … with co-sponsors, Trek Radio, Bye Bye RObot and Geek Nation Tours.


Prep day and table day — my own Trekland, and at Roddenberry with the network— as I’ll be all weekend.


—12:15-12:45pm, CBS All Access Stage:   “Inside Trek: Larry Nemecek” with Jordan Hoffman! My life in Trekland and new projects, like Stellar Cartography and TREKLAND TREKS — and finally I sit down with the inimitable Mr. H!


—9:30am,  Deforest Kelley: Inside Trek: Star Trek Authors & Their Booksa multi-licensee / author panel moderated by John Van Citters: Me and Ethan Siegel , plus  Mike Johnson and Denton Tipton from IDW comics!

—Late afternoon TBA:  Portal 47 members’ Live-Dive — sorry, just us and our celeb guests!


—10 am, DeForest Kelley:  Me and An Hour With Mike Westmore: Career On View —Video and live recall on his museum show/career retrospective

—2:30 pm,  DeForest Kelley: “Fandom Power: 1967 – Today ” with Roddenberry Podcast Network hosts: Myself, John Champion and Ken Ray from Massion Log, Alison “Kenna” Pitt and  Elio “Elijah” Lleo of Priority One, and  Sue Kisenwether and Grace Moore from Women at Warp.

—5-6:30 pm, All-American Grill/REAR: Portal 47 Info-Dive! Learn about Portal 47, win a door prize, meet a Trek celeb and other Portales—sign up and get more goodies, like a comnplete TOS Blu-ray set! (Yes, this is during the Masquerade Costume Contest, overlapping Casey Biggs “Damar” photo ops. If those is a conflict for you, come by when you can or make sure to see me prior— at Landing Party or my table — and we can chat, and if you jump in your will bein for the TOS Blu set !)

—8 or 9 pm, MY SUITE TBA: (and out in time to party):  The Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath: $20 gets you a screen credit and 90+minutes of rare Trek video, clips from the doc so far, and prize trivia!

—2:15, DeForest Kelley: Rapid Fire Trivia —Our annual meet-up: no-frills with prizes!

There’s some other stuff happening around the rooms, too.

Trek well (and safely) everybody!


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