TONIGHT! Join me in the new Roddenberry VR Theater with classic bloopers/Q&A

Yes, tonight at 7 pm Pacific/ 10 pm Eastern (Jan. 31) I’ll be hosting classic Trek bloopers and talk/Q&A for the grand opening of the Roddenberry VR Theater, the newest addition to the Roddenberry Nexus— and your ticket is either a Windows PC* or a VR headset, like Occulus Rift.

And yes— I know it’s new Discovery Thursday. But “Point of Lights” should be premiering about 90 minutes ahead of us (5:30 pm PT), so if that’s the top of your to-do list you should have plenty of time to enjoy it and have time to spare.

We’ll be showing all the reels of the classic TOS Bloopers. Then my avatar will be throwing some notes your way to appreciate them more, plus answering questions from all your avatars— all in the virtual environment built by partner Sansar.

I was honored and gratified to be asked by Rod and the Roddenberry team to open this latest “wing” of their VR landscape. If you haven’t given it a try, why not tonight? Just sign up for a free Sansar account, which gets you into many other general and sci-fi/ fantasy environments as well.

Whether you’ve seen The Bloopers a million times, or it’s been years — or never!— I’m looking forward to a fun night, and hope you can make it. Especially as we’re on hiatus with The Trek Files until Feb. 19!

*Sorry— Sansar has not released an interface for Macs. (I know!)

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