‘Trek the Vote to Victory’ event is a hit; unrelated ‘Trek the Vote’ project goes on

I talked about this on Trekland Tuesdays LIVE last week— and clarifying now again.

The Trek the Vote project (at right) is a non-partisan ballot, polling, and counting help and security project for now and well after Election Day if needed… for Election Month, if counting takes that long.

Go scroll and see for yourself. It’s dressed up in LCARS-style webpages with Starfleet missions like “volunteer poll worker” or “provide voter facts” or “give rides to polls.”

And it is NON-PARTISAN — fans as well as celebs taking part (and fan GROUPS, and non-profit groups as well.
In fact, four non-profits already doing this works are its partners.

Meanwhile, the Trek the Vote To Victory event (above), was a Democratic, Biden-Harris theme event involving 20+ Trek celebs (Sir Patrick, Kate, George, Brent, on and on) with famous Trekkie Democrats —as you can see in the banner. A small donation of suiggested $25 got access for four engrossing panels, live chat, and the Trek celebs peppering the Trekkie Dems in a two-team  trivia battle— most of which I wrote!

It was a much more active follow-up to what I helped organize in 2016 that most of the Trek family — far more than just the actors— joined in for that last big election year.


But  through and after the election Nov. 3, if needed as feared,  the Trek the Vote non-partisan project can sure use your talents in the name of a free, fair and COUNTED election.


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