‘The Trek Files’ Roddenberry podcast is here: Listen, and get a ‘launch party’ gift!

We announced it at SDCC, I’ve been teasing it all over the place.. and today it’s finally here:  THE TREK FILES!
(Don’t miss the “launch party invitation,” below)

Maybe you have seen or heard the news all over the global Trekverse already, but The Trek Files is my new 15-minute downloadable podcast each Tuesday, right from Roddenberry Podcast Network, as I host a guest each Tuesday to join me to discuss, dissect, and “re-relevent” a different document out of Gene’s archives… what it meant then, what it means now.

Almost all these docs of various kinds have never been seen before — or maybe not with notes scrawled in the margin: memos, pitches, letters … to and from fans and celebrities as well as colleagues … single pages, 12 or more pages. Occasionally it might be a famous document you know—but we’ll see it, or a segment, in a new light.

It’s all thanks to Rod Roddenberry, Gene’s son and family legacy caretaker, who along with co-producer John Champion approached me to “doc-dive” his dad’s unseen papers in a fresh, savvy way for today’s hungry fandom.

Best of all, you too can see the doc we’re talking about in its entirety—right on the same The Trek Files Facebook page where you can comment and get a discussion going.

And when I say “guest,” I mean multiple appearances in our first batch by the likes of:
—Co-producer John Champion, also the co-host of Roddenberry flagship podcast Mission Log

Dave Rossi, associate producer on Enterprise and the original Star Trek Remastered project, and fanboy-turned-PA-turned-longtime-assistant to former Trek EP Rick Berman

—And no less than the legendary Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, story editor for the original series, story editor/associate producer for The Animated Series, TNG associate producer and writer of its pilot episode—and creator of so much original Spock/Vulcan background. You’ll here them in the mix over several episodes.

One more thing: Years ago as the podcast boom began in Trekworld, I decided against hosting my own show —at least until I could take the format to a new level, and really add something fresh and new to the mix. Well, this is it!  I’ll still enjoy popping in as a guest around the podverse, and I still have a grand concept for a show to develop now. (Much less a documentary to finish!) But the exciting opportunity Rod offered me here means I get to connect the Trek dots in a whole new way

You can get a link to download The Trek Files right on Facebook too, but full links for subscribing to all of your preferred podcatchers is at podcasts.roddenberry.com. That list includes iTunes and, like Roddenberry flagship podcast Mission Log, the TrekFM podcast master feed.  (This first 24-48 hours, crew, be patient as the links populate and settle in—thanks!)

It’s not cake, but for a limited time how about this for a LAUNCH PARTY for The Trek Files at Trekland: Get on my news list if not already, and get the link to watch/download an 8-minute sample of my interview with photos of Robert Butler, director of “The Cage”—yes, Star Trek’s first Pike-led pilot from 1964—who was our first anniversary guest for Portal 47.net.  Just click here on my home page to sign in and get it!








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