The Nichelle Nichols life film ‘sizzle reel’ is over 100%!—but you can still pile on the Indiegogo drive TODAY

I had planned today to help with a last-day BOOST here for the Indiegogo crowdfund drive to film the grand Nichelle Nichols about her life and career and positivism, and create a sales “sizzle” reel from the footage— titled Breaking Barriers.

But here comes the news that the drive topped its modest $25,000 goal earlier today, but doesn’t expire until midnight Friday, Pacific time. You can still get in on the perks and have a hand in help preserving this grand lady’s legacy!

The drive was still at 75% two days ago, and many hands jumped to work. I let my email Treklanders know about it (thanks to those who wrote me back!), and of course and tried to help the spread the word across a lot of “social.”

Most of all,  the whole budget and plan are detailed right on the Indiegogo page—and the project is a part of Nichelle’s Farewell tour, a year of appearances wrapping up with a Farewell Convention/gala event in L.A. next May, similar to Jimmy Doohan‘s in 2005.

So congrats to everyone involved, and all the backers!

Of course, the remaining perks are listed there, too— and until midnight  Pacific Time today (May 10) you can still be part of it all, too.



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