Portal 47 Guest Ron Wilkerson—June Telebriefing

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For Portal 47 members only: This month’s backstage creative guest telebriefing: RON WILKERSON, late TNG /early VGR free-lance co-writer of 7 episodes overall, from premise sale to story ( such as “Lower Decks”)  to full script credit   (like “Lessons” and “Learning Curve”). His IMDb page tells the story— including a stint as story editor on S1 Stargate SG-1.)

RIP DCF: Where to hear Dorothy Fontana on The Trek Files—plus, today’s LIVE

Such a flood of emotions on the sudden passing of Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, our direct pipeline to 1964 and so much roots Trek (and roots TNG as well!). I’ll say more here tomorrow … although I’ve already said a lot: watch today’s  Trekland Tuesdays LIVE Ep. 132:  Our Guardian of Forever is Gone: RIP Dororthy Fontana. (Apologies for the signal …