STV: Olivia d’Abo brims with Trek cred, recalling her time as ‘True Q’ Amanda

So many interviews in the can— here’s another with the smart and sexy Olivia d’Abo, sharing the latest about her podcast, her music, her acting process and of course, oiur Trekland connection: Amanda Rogers from TNG‘s “True Q.”

I had the great chance to sit down with her just a few minutes to recall those days— back in 1993!— when she shared screen with the whole Star Trek: The Next Generation cast and His Qness, John de Lancie of course.  We also get into a bit of her Star Wars Clone Wars animated character, Luminara… a bit of The Wonder Years years and the new indie fun ride she’s part of, Unbelievable. Plus, Every Friday Podcast!

And more, of course… Stay tuned for Part II!

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