STV: Noelle Hannibal, 1st Vulcan woman on Earth*, says Happy First Contact Day!

Happy “First Contact Day!” Want to hear from a witness?

I mean, it’s only 46 years until the T’Plana-Hath catches Zefram Cochrane’s pioneering warp trail while passing nearby to Sol, and its Vulcan crew decide they better check it out… and humanity’s first First Contact (on the record!) makes history.

So here‘s a celebration today you weren’t expecting, (below the fold): a vidchat with The First Vulcan Woman On Earth, Noelle Hannibal—thanks to her casting as the Vulcan first officer in that crew that night… all as seen in 1996’s big-screen First Contact, of course.

A singer and producer/teacher, Noelle shares the story of her casting, her experiences late-night in the Angeles Crest National Forest location shoot, her co-workers like Jonathan, James, Alfre and Brannon, and even her last trek in Trek on Voyager, to boot.

Not to mention how she had no clue about fandom and an audience who wanted to meet her until 2011… nor how much her character has been ret-conned and enlarged since. But now of course she tweets out FCD greetings each April 5!

I met her as a fellow guest at BayouCon a couple years ago, but her In the Wings Promotions to produce her own shows and others is still going great. Plus, via 3T Triple Threat Mentoring, she offers instruction for acting, singing and dance offered on a “pay what you can” basis for low-opportunity youth in San Diego and Montreal.

But I’ll let you hear it from her in her own words—until you catch her out on the trail at some future convention:

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