STV: Athena Massey ‘Remembers’ Jessen on Voyager in new vidchat

“Remember” was a slyly powerful little third-season Voyager episode about repressed cultural shame, and I had a chance last year to vidchat with the lovely and thoughtful Athena Massey about her pivotal guest role as Jessen in that episode.

And about how fandom surprised her at first, though she’s now seen often at conventions and signing shows.

Athena, as you can see from her IMDB, has a whole slew of acting and voice work, but counts her admission in to Trekland and game work for Command & Conquer: Red Alert as among her favorites.

If you enjoyed this latest backstage peek at Star Trek at STV Trekland, check out what the deep-divers are discovering each month in my Portal 47 experience—where no savvy fan has gone before!

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