My stardate birthdate: Have I always been destined — or doomed?

While hip-deep in the Secret Star Trek Non-Fiction Project TBA —you know, the thing that’s been keeping me from posting video and blog pieces the last two months* — I’m having to grab some stardates matched to actual calendar days of the year.

And naturally, my original Mike Okuda stardate memo for the VGR/DS9 writers (above) came in handy once again. You know, the one that simply divides the 1000-unit stardate “year” by 365 (or 366) to get a three-digit range for each “real” day of a Gregorian “Earth” calendar. (And, in this case, gave the writers a usable stardate range to each of the 26 episodes of the season.) You simply paste the three-digit “day” after the two-digit “year”—where 41xxx of TNG-1 was 2364, and so on.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d look up the three digits for my birthday—which all you online stalkers know is Jan. 18. And …
It was at that point I dropped my jaw a couple times.

And realized that my life’s path, like it or not, must have always been destined to meander through Trekland.

Or at least Pomona College.




This post has been rebirthed here from the original, which still appears from this date in the archived original (still viewable) .

*The project mentioned here eventually became seen.

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