Star Trek’s big at Comic-Con San Diego—and I will be Treklanding all four days

Hey, it’s #SDCC time again… and Trekland will be there in 2018 in ever-more ways.

If you are lucky enough (or crazed enough ) to find yourself around the Gaslamp area (or even just around the fringes), come  look me up! I’ll be leading, covering, or taking part in a flurry of Trek-related stuff  at Comic-Con … from my The Trek Files podcast to offering new angles on how Portal 47 can be of service for your Trek itch—er, passion.  My main solo Treklander hour is not til Sunday — hope you can be there especially for the surprises!

But please bear in mind one thing:
The SAN DIEGO CENTRAL LIBRARY is ONLY a 15-minute walk from the end of Hall H, the east end of the Convention center… and 10 minutes from the big pedestrian overpass bridge going into Hilton Bayfront. It’s *not* the end of the earth!  It’s no further than the Hyatt from Hall H — just not as well-known.  Please take a chance on our panels, and our friends’, that are located there! … Plus: NO SDCC badge required! Free to all.)

Meanwhile, here’s the basic road map to find me:

(SHORTCUT: You just want to click in on my stuff on the SDCC schedule app, judge the crowd, and show your support?
Here’s the link for  Heroes at the Mic (Th),  Star Trek: A Fandom Divided (NOT?) (F) and Disco Was My First: Any Discovery Newbies?” (Sun). Also, my Autograph Alley sessions for Thursday and for Saturday.

Noon  —  “Heroes at the Mic”: I join a gaggle of podcasters from various realms with growing shows and followings—with buddy and colleague Neal Hallford (see below) as moderator, along with Susy Botello (SBP Podcast Mobile Film), Mallia Miglino (Macabre Mondays), Khriss Trav  (MTR Network) and David Dawson (The IntelleXuals)(Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Library) CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE.

1:30 pm — “Roddenberry Presents” panel : Rod and Trevor Roth will cram everything Roddenberry into an hour, with John and Ken to rep the RPN podcasts including “The Trek Files.”  I’ll drop by! — Room 24ABC  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE

2:30-7 pm — I’ll be at Autograph Alley, Booth AA29, with some Trekland CDs, photos, Portal 47 join-up specials, and the chance to catch me for a sane first-day catchup!  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE

5:45 pm  — Science of Star Trek: NOT my panel, but check out longtime science advisor for Star Trek TNG-ENT (and The Orville), Andre Bormanis, with Phil “BadAstronomer” Plaitt and other scientists to discuss … well, you know! — Room 6DE  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE



(1:30 pm — HALL H!  CBS’s big Discovery panel!:  A Trek series’ historic first appearance in Hall H, and boy are they jazzed about it. *I* won’t be there, in fact I will likely be over waiting on the press post-panel gaggle.. but YOU should know about it! Of course, better get camped out by 6 AM or even earlier (I wouldn’t put it past lining up at midnight!), since Hall H never empties out between the hourly subjects, and fans put up with sitting through all the other hours for a glimpse of the stars and show they really care about.)  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE

3 pm — Uncharted Regions at Comic-Con Because Friday is so full for me, I regretfully have to miss  joining this panel— but YOU shoudln’t! Neal Hallford is my Con of Wrath DP, and he’s co-producing this award-winning audio series with the likes of stars so far like Gig Edgely. (Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Library)  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE

5 pm — Star Trek: A Fandom Divided?: Join us as I moderate a sling of podcast hosts —and YOUR Q&A —as to how, or even whether, Trek fandom in the era of Discovery, Kelvin films, CBS All Access and 2018 cord-cutting is really divided— is it by age, by tech savvy, wifi access… or even an artificially amplified online “mountain out of a molehill”?  Joining me are RPN’s John Champion and Ken Ray (Mission Log) and Alison “Kenna” Pitt (Priority One), plus Dr. Kayla Iacovino (trekmovie Shuttle Pod) and Aaron Harvey (, The Edge / Saturday Morning Trek).  (Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Librarywhich is only 10 minutes from the pedestrian overpass at Bayfront Hilton/ 15 minutes from Hall H east end!) CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE


2:30-7 pm — I’ll be at Autograph Alley, Booth AA27, with some Trekland CDs, photos, Portal 47 join-up specials, and the chance to catch me for a sane first-day catchup!  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE


1 pm — “‘Disco’ Was My First: Any Star Trek Newbies?”— My main solo panel continues the hunt for DFFs (“Discovery Fans First”), but is open to everybody — and your questions. I’ll have some news and typically Trekland approaches– AND a cool Portal 47 entré offer — AND A NEW WORLD PREMIERE SNEAK PEEK AT “THE CON OF WRATH documentary with my editor, David Dobson. (Grand 9, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina — next door to the CC)  CLICK IN ON CON APP HERE

ALSO on my OWN list, from CBS directly, all four days:
Don’t miss this curtain call of a special gallery on view, Star Trek: Discovery MIRROR UNIVERSE GALLERY TAKEOVER: costumes, props, set pieces and SDCC-exclusive merchwith an Emperor Georgiou Throne photo-op! In the Gaslamp District at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery, 363 Fifth Avenue (same location as the Discovery sneak-peek exhibit last year! )  Open  11 am to 9 pm every day, except closing at 5 pm on Sunday.

One shout-out: Of course San Diego Comic-Con embraces everything, and Trek is just one of dozens of genres and franchises. But if you need a respite oasis amid the ocean of superheroes and anime critters, just a note that Saturday 7-11 pm the SDCC Away Team Trek Facebook group has an informal open dinner/drinks meetup at the Courtyard by Marriott DOWNTOWN (7 blocks away) — a little Trek island amid it all.


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  1. Looks like a full slate this year, Larry, hopefully I will be able to take part in something!
    By the way — Pedestrian bridge leads to the HILTON Bayfront (not Sheraton).
    And it’s the Gaslamp district, not Gaslight, but that’s Halle s all the time.
    Enjoy the visit to SDCC this year!

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