Join us July 23: Space law from sci-fi to sci-fact— at Comic-Con @Home July 23

Hopefully this is the last summer that San Diego Comic-Con has to go all-virtual “@Home” in the COVID-19 era — but hey, I’m still thrilled to bring another thought-provoking panel into the mix.

This Friday July 23 —after you enjoy the Star Trek Prodigy/Lower Decks all-animation preview peeks from Paramount+ — just stay close to your wi-fi all day for “Beyond Star Trek: Menagerie and The Expanse: Space Law Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact”, a fun, eye-opening update into the current world of space law I was thrilled to host.

We had a lot of fun with comparisons of science fact to science-fiction, especially with this a bunch not-so-closet true-fan pros from law and media on the panel. It all grew out of my association with the non-profits Enterprise in Space and Space Court Foundation.

Modern space law and issues—from U.N. treaty-making to space debris and resource competition—are all on the agenda more than court-martials and  Federation citizenship. But all of our panelists speak of their various missions to simply get these issues on the public’s long-range scanners — as we bluntly go where no space citizens have gone before.

The law-practicing or law-adjacent space industry pros and onetime NASA leaders who all wear their geek space epic on their sleeve include

Mike Gold, executive VP, Civil Space, Redwire Space — Team Trek;

—Jessica Noble, general counsel, Nanoracks LLC — Team Wars;

—Daniel Porras, director of strategic partnerships & communications, Secure World Foundation — Team Wars;

—Theresa Hitchens, air and space reporter, Breaking Defense — Team Expanse!;

—and “recovering attorney” Melinda Snodgrass, author/screenwriter, including Star Trek: The Next Generation’s classic “The Measure of a Man,” Data’s “human” rights trial.

You can check out now the page now for our 6 pm PT/ 9 pm ET premiere  of “Beyond Star Trek: Menagerie and The Expanse: Space Law Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact”— available everywhere globally online. But, like all the SDCC @Home schedule…  not until then.

There’s no click-in link to reserve a “seat” this year, but you can get the time and link on your calendar for a reminder. The panel video, along with hundreds of others from virtual SDCC, will be archived soon and widely available.

So if you want to see it for the time being, you have to see it live at that 6 p.m. July 23 time!

The big Paramount+ “Peak Animation” panel begins with a 15-minute segment each for Prodigy and Lower Decks,  beginning earlier that day at 10 a.m. PT/1 pm ET  (followed by two other Para+ animated series panels to round out the hour).

Alas, all the panels are pre-recorded— so, no room for live Q&A.

But it’s all online and all FREE.

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