Booming SoonerCon 28 is June 7-9: join Nana Visitor & I in its new Norman home!

One week to go! I hope to see many of you in Norman (south of OKC) at the great Midwest/Southwest fan extravaganza SoonerCon — Year 28!

It’s far more than my visit home once a year. SoonerCon is becoming a great regional con — bigger and yet still just as fannish as ever for all genres, all ages. And SC28 is now in a new bigger home that will let even more in the door, finally, to see what it’s all about.

And this year, I’ll be helping welcome Nana Visitor to the non-profit supporting the kid-centric charity Positive Tomorrows. I’m thrilled to help host Nana as bringing everything Trekland.  Check out all the other author, artist, and production guests too — so many multi-genre events, with proceeds benefiting this year’s non-profit, the kid-centric charity Positive Tomorrows.

Various admission levels are all available! The host hotel venue Embassy Suites right on I-35 is SOLD OUT, but you can book at the overflow Holiday Inn Express across the street at the SAME Rate, or get on an Embassy Suites waiting list.

The entire full program all three days is here— plus the huge game schedule, tourneys and charity Nerf war … the state’s largest genre art show…,  and all the Bernina-sponsored cosplay events and costume contest.

Now, my own schedule is:


2 pm,  Sooner A  — “Identity and Diplomacy in Star Trek” (actual panel)

6 pm, Oklahoma HU — Opening Ceremonies: Dais dynamics and SC send-offs.

7 pm, Oklahoma B — Friends of SoonerCon reception: Thanking the big backers!

9:30 pm, Atrium— @Midnight: Worst Book Ever:  My Fifth Annual oversight of this audience-voted,  author-offered tradition to yield a common piece of literary genre dreck! For laughs, of course.


1 pm, Oklahoma HU —Q&A with Nana Visitor: Hosting and moderating for Nana!

3 pm, Sooner A— “Trekland 2019: Disco Fever: Catching it?”:  Our image-laden recap and audience survey of Discovery and now Picard, Lower Decks, #NickTrek. Expect some cheap laughs, as usual.

4 pm, Crimson Room—Portal 47 Info Meetup: Come sample Portal 47, try for door prizes and sign-up gifts, hear from members!

10 pm, Crimson Room—Dr. Trek Show: One more year for the CROWDFUNDER event that lets you help and credit  The Con of Wrath documentary! 90 minutes for your $20—and we’ll be out in time for room parties and the rave dance.


11 am, University—The State of the Trek 2019: My forum for “your” opinions,  questions and cross-talk about current Trekland: Disco, Picard, the CBS/Paramount remerger talks and films, streaming, canon issues, toxic fandom— whatever you want! I’ll just referee.

4 pm, Oklahoma HU— Closing ceremonies.

And somewhere in there, we’ll plan our LiveDive for my Portal 47ers, too.



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