See you in San Diego this weekend? I’m actually at “Special Edition” Comic-Con

Who’s going to Comic-Con?

Yes, in San Diego — and yes, a replacement con squeezed after the second consecutive COVID-cancellation… over this post-Thanksgiving weekend.

in It’s an odd time — a make-up time after two years without a live con — but yes, I have a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition over post-Thanksgiving Day weekend— I’m down for Saturday, Nov. 27:

—4 pm, RM 26AB:  “State of the Trek” Fan Forum, our recurring feature format where YOU bounce off me — and each other — your current thoughts about Treks past, present, and future.

—5:30-7 pm, AA11 in Autograph Alley in Sails. I am also listed for 12:30-3 pm in AA13, but now unlikley to miss most if not all of that).
The panel link above takes you right to the SDCC website page.

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