Saying “Peldar joi” — with gratitude: Some jumbled Thanksgiving thoughts

Another Thanksgiving season, another jumble of people and places and things and tying them all together … with the new stealing some thunder from the old and challenging us to make sense of it all, even as we try to stop for a day and do so. But I will try.

Truly, I am thankful this year for a growing family of little ones here around me…  for a bittersweet, silver-lining reunion of family I’d not seen in ages, gathered to remember my mom… and for the modest business gains that everything Trekland made this year. All my interests remain a passion for me — and that of course includes Star Trek, heading into this new Golden Age on an all-new “Sea of Streaming,” as home media charts new waters.

Okay, enough of the metaphors.  I know that bright Trek horizon is exciting for most of you, too — Picard, animation, Discovery, even ST4 or future films from a reunited CBS/Paramount. And that Trek can be such a beacon in our chaotic, troubled times.

But on top of everything, I’m just thankful that you are a part of Trekland, allow me to share some of my Trek passions with you… and step with me into a bigger picture and a deeper dive than so much of the noise out there. I’m honored as well as grateful.

It’s hardly all perfection …and that outside world is scary. Which is another reason “we” are back in the spotlight, carrying so much responsibility.  Your support and suggestions alike are much, much appreciated. You don’t have to be Bajoran to celebrate gratitude.

So, my thanks to all here, and far beyond.

Truly, the best of times.



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