Saying goodbye to Nichelle in L.A.? Say hello to some real-life Trek locales too

UPDATE: Just added an added day, and combo pricing, for MONDAY, May 4— after Nichelle’s celebration.

Are you one of the 2,000-some headed to Hollywood May 1-3 for a once-in-a-lifetime event, the Nichelle Nichols Farewell Celebration?

Well, here’s some bonus fun! Because so many Trekfans may be in Los Angeles for the first time that weekend, I decided to offer Nichelle Trek —a very special  edition of  LA Away Days, the pre-set and value-priced version of our custom Trekland Treks day tours of Trek filming locations.

I’ve set this up for Friday, May 1, but I promise that our six hours of touring— four stops and lunch— will not take you away from any part of the celebration schedule, which begins later Friday evening.  There is an come-and-go, no-schedule meetup session with Nichelle Friday from 2-6 pm, just to lessen the crowd on the weekend days, and we plan to be back from our Treks an hour into that.

More details:
9 a.m. to @ 3 p.m., six hours , with a fast food lunch (we can arrange for special dietary needs)

—Max seating of 28

—Van or bus — depending on final tour size—will depart/return at the Burbank Airport Marriott, the celebration hotel

But celebration attendance is not required!  Anyone is free to reserve a seat and come along with us.  Reservation form is on the webpage!

Our four stops include:
—Iconic Gorn fight/Capella IV site (and 5 others) at Vasquez Rocks;
—Miramanee’s lake (“This Side of Paradise”)

—”Roman Planet” 892-IV (and 12 others)

—Starfleet Academy (24th Century/Prime).

As always, at each stop I’ll be providing still and clips, history and context, and a helping hand for any photo ops you want to make. Bring along your uniforms, props, or any small “travel pics” companions! We can consult about “on the go” changing arrangements, too, so you don’t have to wear your cosplay all day long. Check out what other fans have done at the Trekland Treks Facebook photo album.

(Of course, filming or other circumstances may limit or prevent or stopping at any of these sites, but we will substitute with another fun Trek filming venue if need be.)

Questions? Just message me on Facebook , Twitter, or just use the green hex chatbot right here!

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