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Portal 47   EIGHTH Anniversary
Open House Guest Telebriefing

with ST II -VI writer-director, ST IV writer and Disco S1 (and elusive Khan prequel) writer


‘Open’ to the public worldwide


Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 7 pm Pacific/ 10 pm Eastern, for a special Portal 47 Open House to mark the start of our ninth year …virtual, of course: We’ve been at it since 2015!

Our guest NICK MEYER  joins a marquee of names for this annual event for the public that includes past Open House headliners Robert Butler, David Livingston, Michael Westmore,  René Echevarria, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, David Carson, Mike McMahan and Ira Steven Behr!

It’s an even bigger edition of the backstage guests Portales hear from every month:

These live and recorded telebriefings are the apex of the features Portal 47 deep-divers enjoy all year long. They watch or listen in live, or later, enjoy shared-screen visuals, and even send questions in advance. That’s in addition to the “Ask Dr. Trek” Roundtables twice a month—one of them in a Europe-friendly time slot.

And at 6 pm PT_ one hour earlier — we’ll have a sample “ADT Roundtable” session for you, too: a virtual open mic to ask me anything, talk about a Trek topic new or old.

Then, one hour later, ask (via pre-submit or chat) about Nick’s work and Trek choices in all these storied titles (and more) … or any of the writers, producers, designers or crew and cast he worked with. I will too, of course.

But first… click to save your Open House seat, get the info, and be in line for door prizes on Dec. 9!

Yes, save my spot!