Saturday, go live!: Join me among all the Vendors Haul virtual booths and panels

Whew!  Are you ready for a BREAK — I know you are! — like more free Star Trek fun this weekend?

Especially the way Discovery is really piling it on with the new background and canon deep-dive ponderings?

Well…. Kayleigha and Jay at tribble-happy Science Division are back with another virtual fun day tomorrow—Vendors Haul, loaded with lots of Star Trek licensed booths for holiday giving plus a day of panels, too.

Everything runs from 7:30 am PT/ 10:30 am ET  for 12 hours.

—5pm PT/8pm ET  In my corner … Come with your Trek questions and confusions, because I’ll be holding a live version of my “Fistful of Data” Official Trek magazine column as a panel on YouTube LIVE at 5pm PT/8pm ET. Bring a good question and I’ll use it next issue’s column!


This is a free event. See all the others at the VendorsHaul panel schedule .

—12:30 PT/ 3:30 ET : Find me for a 90-minute community Zoom booth for your backstage, Stellar Cartography or any other Trek you want to ask about (right after my weekly Life Support LIVE show with Dr. Ali! ):

See the whole dealers list AND all links, (mine too) at



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