Remastered ‘On Speaker’ Vol. 5 celebrates the 50th—online now, too!


“30 At 50” is the latest edition of Trekland: On Speaker—in a doubly special way for Trek’s 50th anniversary. And now that the new website is here, I can finally offer it to everybody worldwide again!

boxes2img_3497-alt-sharpenUPDATE 12/15/16: For a holiday special on this and other Trekland gift ideas, check here.)

Veteran Treklanders know I’ve brought out a new volume in the On Speaker series each year since 2012 at Vegas Khaaan #STLV in August. Each edition has 75 minutes of remastered chunks of my long, archival deep-dives with the actual Trek creatives … back in the day… when they’d just made the decisions behind the shows you love. I’m preserving (digitizing the aging cassette tape) and sharing at the same time.

But this year, with my website in limbo this fall, you could only get a copy of Volume 5 direct from me at cons. No more!

See, Vol. 1 is sold out… Vols. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 all follow an event theme, with four main guest voices each … but this year’s Vol. 5  for #Trek50 breaks the mold. I obviously wasn’t around in the 1960s, so this special “command gold” On Speaker edition takes a different tack—as we spotlight the two amazing episodes from 20 years ago, in 1996, that each honored the original series on its then-30th anniversary: “Flashback” and “Trials and Tribble-ations”! And we do it …. with a “you are there” set visit.

tlos-vol5-cd-photopanel-3in-smThus the title, “30 At 50” … and some seventeen voices to be heard this time.

So you actually hear from these busy Trek creatives as they swarm about their respective soundstages for those two    wonderful throwback episodes: With the late Grace Lee “Commander Rand” Whitney, writer Ron D. Moore, directors David Livingston and Jonathan West, 1967 “Tribbles” writer (and 1996 redshirt extra) David Gerrold, makeup, set and costume designers Mike Westmore, Herman Zimmerman and Bob Blackman…and even stage grip Ed Cooper, who recalls working on both the 1996 and 1966 “Tribbles” episodes! Plus eight more.

And remember: all these clips in the actual voices are all fresh from the spring and summer of 1996.

(And, yes, it IS a CD in 2016—since many fans ask me to autograph the liner notes, as well as others on the disk still with us.)

The CD jewel case includes a tri-fold of my own photos and notes— autographed if you like  ($21.95 includes US/Canada postage; + $3.50 for foreign orders). And Volumes 2, 3 and 4 are also still available, at a multi-discount—just check the page.

It’s a great 50th anniversary year stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Plus, as always: Any question about this or any of my own or partnered projects—just email me at

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