More reasons to gift or get into Portal 47—and win an Enterprise DVD set, too

I almost forgot to spread the word to get this up in time!

Tuesday, Dec. 19 IS the mail deadline for Christmas delivery— if you care about that—for the Beam-In Bonus for Portal 47.  If you missed the Cyber Monday special, no worries— this is sweeter with a piece from Gene, and a chance at a DVD set! Apart from Christmas deadlines, the bonus actually goes through Dec. 31.

The spot above from the P47 website says it all … but I’ve really been excited at the reaction to both new Discovery and the Tarantino movie news (did you see my Trekland Tuesdays LIVE this week?).

Now that I have my main computer back, I’m catching up on so much — but the holidays are upon us and the clock is ticking. I only offer a major Portal bonus like this at Anniversary Open House time, and as another option for gift-giving (especially for yourself!).

Or even a great one when people (including non-fans) ask for your gift list.

Our deep-diving community is a great one—some have even said it’s a saner place for discussion. But I still like to think it’s all those live touches, my archives, and especially the voices of Trek most fans have never heard or appreciated—including those from the original series. If you want a glimpse, check out the public Portal 47 Observation Lounge page, too—members and other Trek background fans mingle and post. Just ask to join!



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