Portal 47’s Spring Open House May 16 with makeup great Mike Westmore

Once again, Portal 47 is going to crank open the hangar bay doors and share our monthly guest Telebriefing experience highlight with everybody who wants to come —this time, with the incredible Oscar- and Emmies-winning makeup legend Michael Westmore.

The free, global and virtual event is Wednesday, May 16 from 7-8 pm Pacific — a mix of  interview chat from me, and as many pre-submitted questions from y’all as we can squeeze in!

Come along, and you’ll find out why I always say that Mike is not just Trek’s lucky gift from the incredible Westmore family who once headed every studio’s makeup department— he’s also just about the nicest guy in Hollywood. He was very kind to me all the years I was writing, covering and archiving the four spinoff series and four films he Trekked on.

The virtual “open house” format, using business meeting software via phone and/or online, allows dozens of folks to all be online as a live audience, watching the visuals and listening for everyone’s early-bird questions for Mike. There’s a chat room, too. It’s a great glimpse of the Guest Night experience for our P47 deep-divers, probably the highlight of all the Portal’s monthly features.

Unlike Mike, most of the backstage Trek veterans who make up our regular Portal guest list are not convention veterans, magazine regulars or DVD feature faces…which is why hearing from them is so amazing and unpredictable. So, we’ll just have to dig a little deeper to get to some rare or unheard moments— and reflections, as well: scripts and co-workers, among them. No worries: He has plenty to be tapped.

Just claim your “ticket” here and get the show info, plus learn how to pre-submit your own questions. (The earlier, the better on that: I can even prepare clips to go with questions if we get them by Monday.) To help out with ideas, here’s Mike’s  IMDB page and  Memory Alpha wiki entry. We’ll keep it mostly to Trek topics— there’s so much!—but maybe we can take a Mask or Liz Taylor question, or the like. Just send it!

Don’t forget you can even check out his new memoir, Makeup Man, too.


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