Portal 47’s best beam-in deal to super-savvy Trek’s big 2022 expires tonight

Okay, crew — it’s last call.

Although I have been saying it all through the last month:  Trek 2022 is HUGE.

I mean, add it up:  10-13 episodes a season for Discovery and Prodigy‘s current seasons, plus Picard, Strange New Worlds, and Lower Decks.


Ergo … The entire rest of the year  guarantees us with fresh Trek — every week.

And of course, this year-long buffet of fresh Trek means countless dots to connect — not just about trivia and canon, yay, but with the creatives that made the decisions, tapped their various Trek wellsprings, fought the time and budget (and pandemic) limits, and debated the choices and the how-to with each other and among departments.

All that … plus the way our favorite legacy Trek series and characters are involved, more and more. And the why behind all *that*, as well.


It’s why I’m so excited for Trek 2022. Are you?

I mean,  that’s why I do this — this thing I call Trekland:  It’s not just business, it’s is passion.
You who know, read or watch me weekly know:

Portal 47 helps you scratch the itch, like nowhere else.

After all the podcasts and articles and livestreams, Portal is the apex of how I share my front-line years in the Trek biz  — live, or local, or any other Trekfan with the same needs.

Not the same-o same-o … it’s  the experiences and guests, plus the insights.

So, one last time —
Our holiday deal ends tonight:  6 months for the price of 5, plus the add-ons bonuses.

If you’re a Trekland Tuesdays viewer or on my e-list, there’s another special deal, too— only for those audiences. (You’ll have to check your email or video wall!)

Either way. there’s never been a bigger year for Star Trek.
And never a better time (or deal) to jump in the Portal with us, globally and every month all year round.









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