Portal 47: One year old — just now getting its space legs

Hard on the heels of Thursday’s #Happy50 #StarTrek50 celebrating…

It’s hard to believe, but it was just one year ago that I sprung the official launch of PORTAL 47 on an unsuspecting Trekland…. where no savvy fan had gone before.

And despite a couple of opening-night glitches as I scrambled to self-produce a combination talkshow/podcast/intro session, the Portal since then has echoed that famous phrase: From tiny acorns, mighty Orion oaks grow.

And now a brand-new modern webpage (above)! Portal47.net, you know.

I’d heard it for years: “All that Trek stuff you have, the people you know, the things you remember? You should do something with that!” —I was finally able to take that advice, thanks to my coaches and friends, and build a Star Trek experience that was unique to fandom, and uniquely my voice and resources.

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